Ringtone Playing but The Screen is Off – Fix Call Issue on Galaxy S10, Note 10

Here is what to do if your Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10 or any other phone running Android 9 with One UI keeps the screen off when somebody calls you.

I faced the problem after June 2019 update on my Galaxy S9. The thing is I use Do Not Disturb mode almost all the time to silence callers that are not in my Contacts (I configured the DND feature to ring calls and messages from numbers that are in contacts).

Everything was okay but, after I installed the update the behavior of my phone changed. When my wife called me I noticed that my Galaxy S9 now plays ringtone me but the display remains completely turned off.

I have to manually wake my phone, unlock it, then pull down the shade and tap the Phone app banner to bring it to front. It goes without saying that these steps are very inconvenient and make no sense. Keep reading to know how I fixed the problem.

How to Fix Black Screen on Call When DND is Used on Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Notifications:Settings - Notifications One UI Android 9
  • Here tap on Do not disturb (but not on the toggle itself) to open DND configuration: Do Not Disturb One UI Android 9
  • Now tap on Hide notifications:
    Do Not Disturb Galaxy Phone Hide Notifications
  • Toggle off the Don’t turn on screen option:Disable Dont turn on screen DND Settings Galaxy Done! Now call yourself and check out the result!

My case: I have the DND mode enabled and configured to silence all incoming callers except those who are in my contacts. Now when I call from another number the screen of my Galaxy S9 turns on and everything works just the way I expect (and as it was before the update, if I’m not mistaking). 

Wrapping Words

All this DND-related workarounds are just because we don’t still have the option for making the Galaxy phone reject calls from strangers as Google Phone app on Android 10 has already.

Tell me what kind of problem brought you to this page, when did it emerge and whether or not your issue is solved now. Good luck! 

P.S. Has anybody faced the same issue on Galaxy S20?

4 thoughts on “Ringtone Playing but The Screen is Off – Fix Call Issue on Galaxy S10, Note 10”

  1. My DND settings on my S10 are to allow calls/texts from my favorite contacts. Recently, I noticed that I am receiving texts from favorite contacts in DND mode but calls are silenced.

  2. Had same issue, mine had different option that I had to disable called “Hide full screen notifications”. Thanks for the info.

  3. I had the same problem on Galaxy s20, and this post sent me in the right direction. In my case though, the setting was called “Hide full screen notifications”.


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