How to Power Off or Restart Galaxy Note 10/10+

New Power Button Functions on Galaxy Note 10/10+

If you own a Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+, you might get surprised at the fact that you can’t power off or restart your phone using the Power button. What?

But this is true. Now you can only use this key to turn the screen on and off, lock the phone, power on the phone from the off state and … call Bixby.

In Note 10/10+ Power button is Bixby button at the same time. And if you hold it when your phone is on, you will open the Bixby assistant – no matter how long you will hold it down.

How to Power Off or Restart Galaxy Note 10/10+

The answer is to look for the power icon in the shade. Just pull down the notification drop down and tap on the Power icon near the Settings gear – right above quick toggles.

On my Galaxy S10 there is a search icon here. But in Galaxy Note 10 it has been replaced by the power icon.

Power button Galaxy Note 10, 10+

When you tap on the icon, you will see the familiar screen with Power Off, Restart and Emergency mode options. Just select the one you currently need as you usually did on the previous Galaxy models:

Power off, Restart, Emergency mode Galaxy Note 10

That’s it!

Option 2. Remap the Side Key to Act as Power Button

The good news is that you can change the default behavior of the side button. The great news is that you don’t have to install any third-party apps for this purpose.

Just head to Settings and type “Side key” in the search field. You should find the side key settings.

In that section you can choose what the side key does. The following options are available:

Double press:

  • Enable / disable double press.
  • Quick launch camera.
  • Open Bixby.
  • Open app.

Press and hold:

  • Wake bixby (default setting).
  • Power menu. This is the option that will make the side key work as power button you are so familiar to.

Final Words

We’d love to hear your opinion about this key behavior change – do you like it? Is it handy or annoying? Thank you for all your comments in advance! Good luck!

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    • I guess that the options of 1) holding down the side key for more than X seconds and 2) force reboot by holding down volume down+power keys should still exist. The thing is I don’t have Note 10, so I can’t check it.


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