How to completely remove add-ons from Internet Explorer

How to completely wipe out all the traces of unwanted add-ons in Internet Explorer. 

Problems with add-on removal in IE

Removing add-ons from Internet Explorer is not always as easy as removing extensions from Chrome or Mozilla. Often the problem is that:

  • the disable button is inactive;
  • there is no disable button at all;
  • you deleted the folder with add-on’s components but it is still present in the list.

Let us take the ShopperPro unwanted add-on as an example.

How to remove add-on from IE

1. Close Internet Explorer and try to uninstall add-on from Control Panel:


2. Even if you do not find the uninstall key try to find uninstaller in the system folder. Usually, it is named Uninstall.exe, Uninst.exe, Remove.exe, etc:


3. Launch IE. Click the gear icon and select Manage add-ons:


4. Select the type on the right. In most cases you will need to manage Toolbars and Extensions.

5. Click on the addon you want to uninstall.

6. Disable add-on if possible (press disable button):


7. Double click the add-on to call for properties. Find out the path where its files are located:


8. Go to the target folder and delete it:


If you reopen the management window now, you will see that the add-on is listed in Unavailable category:


9. Launch the registry editor:


10. Search by add-on name and/or vendor. Delete all found items:


Press F3 until you delete all items containing key word. Finally you should get the notification:


After that the add-on should disappear from the list in IE:


Use AdwCleaner to clean your system from adware.

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