AdwCleaner. How to use

What is AdwCleaner

MalwareBytes AdwCleaner (AdWare Cleaner) is one of the best utilities for cleaning the PC from AdWare, RiskWare, PUP, malware and unwanted software. It does not require the installation. In october 2016 AdwCleaner has been acquired by MalwareBytes – a world famous anti-malware utilities developer.

Download AdwCleaner

You can download AdwCleaner utility from its developers’ website:


How to use AdwCleaner

Perform the following steps to remove AdWare from browser and PC.

  1. Launch the downloaded file:adwcleaner-0012
  2. Launch AdwCleaner as admin: adwcleaner-0021
  3. Click Scan: adwcleaner-0022The utility will detect: harmful extensions, registry keys, services.By default all detected items are checked for removal.
  4. Unset the checkboxes next to items you trust and do not wish to remove.
  5. Press Clean:adwcleaner-0023
  6. Restart the computer to complete the cleaning process.adwcleaner-0024


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