How to remove browser extensions and add-ons with CCleaner

The easiest way to remove harmful or unwanted extensions, applications and add-ons from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and other browsers. A very useful way to get rid of adware extensions nowadays.

Download and install CCleaner

Download CCleaner from the official website:

The download process should start automatically.

Launch the downloaded file:


Install CCleaner (there is no bundled soft in installer):


Start the program.

Removing extensions in CCleaner

1. Go to Tools

2. Click on Startup.

3. Select the browser.

4. Select the unwanted add-on or extension.

5. Press Delete:


Most likely you will need to remove the extension from all browsers. In this case repeat from step 3 for every browser.

1 thought on “How to remove browser extensions and add-ons with CCleaner”

  1. still cannot disable google,amazon, ebay, wikipedia in ccleaner firefox extensions. this sucks as i believe that all these extensions are based around tracking people


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