ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED: fix the error on Android and Windows

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED: what does this error mean?

ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error means that your PC is unable to find which IP address matches the website hostname that you type in the address bar of your browser (Chrome, Firefox or another one). In other words: this site can’t be reached. Let us talk about all possible causes of emerging the error and methods to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in the browser. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

What can cause ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error emerging in the browser

The most common reasons of the error are:

  1. No network connection (cable is damaged, router doesn’t work,  your ISP is suffering problems, etc).
  2. Problems with system services like DNS Client service.
  3. Outdated information on current DNS server.
  4. Malware or virus activity.
  5. Other rare reasons.

How to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error

So now you know that ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED can be caused by various factors. Accordingly there is no universal solution. Here are our tips on how to fix the error in your browser – from most common to more rare ones.

1. Ensure you have Internet connectivity (very common cause of the error)

  • Is Wi-Fi on and connected to your wireless network?
  • Is the ethernet cable plugged-in?
  • Is DNS Client Service running? dns-client-service-is-runningIf the DNS Client service is not running, start it and ensure the startup type is set to Automatic:  dns-client-automatic-startup

2. Flush DNS cache

  • Launch the command prompt.
  • Type ipconfig /flushdns
  • Hit Enteripconfig-flushdns

3. Reboot your router

Power cycle your router (modem or AP). Quite often the glitch on the router can cause the error This site can’t be reachedrouter reboot

4. Reset the hosts file

Ensure your hosts file does not contain lines except these: localhost
::1 localhost

The easiest way to reset the hosts file in one click is to use this utility.

5. Assign Google DNS to your network adapter

It often helps to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error in the browser.

  • Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar and click Open Network and sharing center
  • Click on your Ethernet or Wi-Fi network connection: wi-fi-network
  • Click Properties:
  • Select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties:
  • Select Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • Assign Google DNS as preferred DNS server and click OKgoogle dns
  • Open command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter (as we already explained on the step 2)

6. Reset network settings

7. Remove malware

In some cases viruses and malware can also be the cause of ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error in your browser. So we recommend that you scan your system using the best malware removal tools and remove all found malicious items.


This step helps to fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (this site can’t be reached) quite often.
P.S. To flush dns (described on the step 2) will never be superfluous.

How can I fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED on Android?

Here are th most common solutions for your Android phone or tablet:

  1. Reboot your Android: android reboot
  2. Reset network settings on Android: network-settings-reset-android-7
  3. Assign Google DNS to your phone:
  4. Assign a static IP8.8.8.8-android-05

Rare cases of emerging ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (This site can’t be reached)

1. Problem with the website

If the error “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” appears only for a single website, maybe there is a problem with this particular website. It means you can’t do anything to make it load. In most cases only its webmaster is able to solve the problem.

How to easily check if the problem is with the website (web server, hosting, domain registrar)?

Very easy. Take another device. If you encounter the error on your PC, then take your smartphone. Turn off wi-fi and enable mobile data. Try to open the same website. If you got the same error on the phone using another provider, be sure that the problem is with the website.

And visa versa: if you are experiencing “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” error on your Android over mobile data, you need to connect your laptop to Wi-Fi and check the website’s availability. The same error on another device using a different ISP means 95% that the problem is on the website.

2. The website has been just created

You may also get ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED in the browser is you are trying to access the website by the domain name you have just registered. It will be unavailable until you specify NS server and wait for DNS to update bases.

3. Incorrect website name (no such website on the Internet)

Yet another possible reason: you entered another website’s name by mistake and that domain is not registered (website does not exist):


That is all we know about the issue. Did these solutions help you?

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  1. I don’t know which step helped me, but I finally got rid of this annoying “err name not resolved”! Thank you so much!

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