How to prevent Android keyboard from suggesting words from your contact list

Spell checker is a great feature designed to correct your typos. But you might want to stop your keyboard suggesting the names from your contact list because of security reasons – if you don’t want your contact names to appear in the suggestions line. Here is how to disable the lookup of names on Android 7 Nougat. 

How to disable the lookup and prevent the keyboard from suggesting names

  1. Launch Settingssettings-android-6
  2. Go to Language and input: language-and-input-android-6
  3. Select Spell checker: language-and-input-spell-checker
  4. Tap the gear icon near Spell checkerspell-checker-settings
  5. Disable the option Look up contact namesdisable-look-up-contacts-names That’s it.

From now on your keyboard will stop suggesting you the names of people from your contact list. 

We advise that you disable this feature to improve your privacy on your mobile devices. 

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