How to prevent Android keyboard from suggesting words from your contact list

Spell checker is a great feature designed to correct your typos. But you might want to stop your keyboard suggesting the names from your contact list because of security reasons – if you don’t want your contact names to appear in the suggestions line. Here is how to disable the lookup of names on Android 7 Nougat. stop-android-keyboard-look-up-contacts

How to disable the lookup and prevent the keyboard from suggesting names

  1. Launch Settingssettings-android-6
  2. Go to Language and input: language-and-input-android-6
  3. Select Spell checker: language-and-input-spell-checker
  4. Tap the gear icon near Spell checkerspell-checker-settings
  5. Disable the option Look up contact namesdisable-look-up-contacts-names That’s it. From now on the keyboard won’t suggest you the names of your contacts.

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