How to Set Up a Sync Passphrase in Chrome

The “Sync Passphrase” is designed to protect your Chrome data from unauthorized synchronization. It works like an extra password when you log in to your Google Account in Chrome. Thus, if you set up a passphrase, knowing your Google login, password and even confirming 2-step verification code won’t be enough to successfully synchronize your bookmarks and passwords. It can be and should be used alongside with 2FA. Here is how to implement this additional security measure.

How to set up a sync passphrase in Chrome

Step 1. Launch Google Chrome browser.
Step 2. Go to Settings:


Step 3. Click Advanced sync settings… :

google chrome set up passphrase

Step 4. Switch the selector to Encrypt all synced data with your own sync passphrase.
Step 5. Type your sync passphrase and the confirmation.
Step 6. Click OK to finish setup:

set up your own sync passphrase

How to check if the sync passphrase works?

Disconnect your Google Account from Chrome:

disconnect your google accountConfirm by pressing Disconnect account:

disconnect account confirmation

Sign in to Chrome again:

sign in to Chrome loginYou will have to enter your login, password and 2-Step verification code (if you have set it up). Then you will be asked for a sync passphrase.

This is how it looks on Windows: after you entered login and password, you should see a notification in the menu Sync Error: Update Sync passphrase:

sync error update sync passphrase


And this is how it looks on Android: you should see Sync: Passphrase required in the Notification panel:

sync passphrase required

We encourage you to improve your privacy and security when possible to prevent your sensitive data from being accessed by third-parties.

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