How to Enable 2-Step Verification for Google Account

What is 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification (a.k.a. 2-factor authentication) is a security mechanism designed to protect your account from unauthorised access. If you enable it, nobody will be able to sign in to your Google Account without entering a special verification code from SMS or voice call sent to the specified phone number. Schematically the authentication process looks like the following:

  1. You type your login.
  2. You type your password.
  3. If the password is typed correctly you receive a security code via call or SMS.
  4. You type your random verification code

We strongly recommend that you enable 2-Step Verification feature for your Google account!

How to enable and set up 2-Step Verification for Google Account (Gmail, YouTube, etc)

Go the 2-Step Verification settings web page:


get started

Enter your password once again and click Sign In:

re-enter your password for google account

Type your phone number and click TRY IT:

setup phone

Type the verification code you have received via SMS or voice call and click Next:

confirm that it works

Click TURN ON to enable 2-step verification:

turn on

You have enabled 2-step verification for Google Account. Henceforth, nobody will be able to sign in to your GMail, YouTube or other Google service even if he knows your password! This is what you will see after you put in your login and correct password:

2-step verification request You won’t be able to sign in to your Google account until you type the code from SMS. (P.S. Don’t lose you cell phone and don’t throw away your SIM card).

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