How to hide extension icons from the toolbar in Chrome and Opera


In the latest versions of Chrome or Opera you may only hide icons of particular extensions from the toolbar – not all at once, unfortunately.

Hiding the icons can be very helpful in some situations. For example, if you do not want anybody to know that you prefer changing your IP using ZenMate while working in a public place. Or in case if you just do not want to waste the space on your toolbar for those icons.

Here is how to hide them from the toolbar and how to reveal them back when necessary.

Google Chrome

  • Right-click on the one you wish to hide.
  • Click “Hide in Chrome menu”:

hide extension icon in chrome


The easiest way is to right-click any extension in the toolbar and select “Manage Extensions”:

manage extensions opera

(but you can also click “Menu” → “Extensions” → “Manager” or type “opera://extensions” in the address bar and hit “Enter”).

Set the checkbox “Hide from toolbar” for those you wish to vanish from sight:

hide extension icon in opera

It’s that simple.

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