Zemana Antimalware. Remove malware, ads and viruses for free

Zemana Antimalware is a powerful tool designed to detect and remove various threats: malware, unwanted programs, hijackers, adware, trojans and viruses. The utility has a fully functional free version capable to clean your PC from the hardest infections using cloud-based removal technologies. Here is how to remove malware using Zemana Antimalware Free.


Go to the official website:


Click on “Free Download”:

zemana free download


Open the downloaded file (look for it in a new browser window):

launch zemana

Click “Yes” in the UAC window:

zemana uac

And click “Next”… “Next…” until the installation is done.

How to remove malware using Zemana Antimalware Free

You may start with “Smart Scan”. But if you have enough time and you beleive that the infection is serious you’d better switch to “Deep Scan”. Then click “Scan” to start searching the malware:

zemana deep scan

Zemana window will turn red if it detects malware. Wait until the end of the Scan process.

zemana threat detected

If you see that the utility has detected a harmless item as a malicious one, you can right-click it and tell the utility to “exclude item”:

exclude item

When the scan is done, review all detected objects and ensure that all items marked for deletion do not include your trusty files, apps or extensions.

As you can see, Zemana successfully detects adware and unwanted programs, browser hijackers and other minor threats.

Click “Next” to remove all detected malicious items.

zemana dangerous objects detected

Wait while Zemana is removing malicious objects:

zemana cleaning in process

Malware removal completed:

zemana malware removal completed

It happend that some items can be deleted only after reboot. It is OK. Click “Reboot” in this case:

cleaning completed reboot required

How to update Zemana to the new version

If you see the nofitication “There is a new version of Zemana AntiMalware available”, click on it:

update zemana

And then click “Update Now”:

update now

The program will be updated quickly so you will be able to use it in a minute.

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