How to enable browser extensions in Chrome Incognito Mode and Opera Private Window

By default browser extesions are not loaded in Incognito Windows of Chrome and Private Windows of Opera. This is absolutely correct from the point of security. But if you trust a definite extension you may allow it to work in an Incognito or Private Mode and use it. And here is how to do it.
For example, I need to use ZenMate extension in Incognito Mode to improve my privacy.

How to allow Chrome extension work in Incognito Mode

Go to “Menu” → “More tools” → “Extensions”:

manage extensions in chrome

Set the checkbox “Allow in incognito” for every extension you want to work in Incognito Mode:

enable extensions in incognito mode

Result: you let the extension work in Incognito Window of Chrome:

extension works in incognito mode

How to enable a certain extension in Opera’s Private Window

Go to “Menu” → “Extensions” → “Extensions Manager”:

opera manage extensions

Set the checkbox “Allow in private mode” for the extension you want:

opera allow in private mode

From now on it will be available in Private Window and will have permissions to work as in normal mode:

opera extension works

Note that in Mozilla Firefox you don’t need to enable extensions in Private Windows. They are already available to use.

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