How to set up a wi-fi hotspot on Android

What is a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot or Mobile Hotspot on Android

Wifi-hotspot is a feature that allows Android device work as a Wireless Access Point (AP). In this mode Android smartphone or tablet connects to the Internet via 3G/LTE and uses its wifi-module purely to distribute the Internet to other devices. Mobile Hotspot feature would be very useful, for instance, when you are outside and wish to connect your laptop to the Internet.

 How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Under Android 5

Go to Apps and select Settings:


On Connections tab tap More networks:


Select Tethering and Mobile hotspot:


Tap on the left side of Mobile Hotspot:


Press Menu button and select Configure:


Specify SSID, Security Mode and password for your wi-fi hotspot. Then tap Save:


After that switch on the mobile hotspot:

android5-wifi-hotspot23 How to connect to mobile hotspot from Android and Windows

The created mobile hotspot wireless network is visible like an ordinary wireless network. You can connect to it from any Android or Windows device simply by clicking on SSID and entering the security key you specified in the previous paragraph. Here are some examples:

  • laptop with Windows 10 connecting to Android wifi-hotspot:


  • another Android smartphone connected to mobile hotspot:


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