How to completely turn off Viber app on Android

Question: How can I completely exit and turn off Viber without uninstalling the app? Even after I tapped Exit it continues to run in the background and I still receive incoming calls and messages. 

The problem: Viber does not go offline

Once you signed in to Viber it stays connected to the server all the time. Even if you press Exit it would be running in a background. Viber support does not deny this behavior. It says the app is running in a background just to take care that you never miss a call or important message.

1. The user is being deceived. You can be confident that you are offline, but in fact your device can start ringing or vibrating at any inconvenient moment if somebody decides to contact you. It is very annoying.

2. The battery gets empty much faster because of Viber. Just look at the image below: we did not use Viber – it was just running in a background and it took 11% of battery:


How to turn off Viber by force stop Viber App

1. Go to Apps ? Settings ? More ? Application Manager ? Downloaded ? Viber:

2. Press the FORCE STOP button and then tap OK:


Remark: you will have to force stop the app every time after you use Viber.

Radical methods to go offline in Viber

1. Clear app data

In App info press CLEAR DATA button:

viber-turn-off021In this case the information about your account will be erased and you won’t be online any more.

2. Deactivate Viber account

Launch the app.
Go to Menu ? Settings ? Privacy.
Tap Deactivate and confirm by pressing the correspondent button:


3. Uninstall Viber application


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