Ninite: how to install free programs without bundled adware, hijackers, toolbars

What is Ninite and why should I use it?

Ninite is a great service designed to install freeware apps without any dubious sponsored programs or bundled adware. As you might know nowadays there is almost impossible to download a freeware installer which is not bundled with unwanted third-party apps. Thus, Ninite is very demanded service today because it solves this problem. Besides that Ninite allows you to install a bunch of your favourite apps in one click.

We advise you to use Ninite if:

  • you want to install clean programs or utilities without bundled adware;
  • you don’t want to clutter up your PC with hijackers, unwanted toolbars or useless browser extensions;
  • you don’t want your default search engine in the browser to be changed to a hijacking website by adware;
  • you wish to install the latest versions of popular freeware programs in one click.

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