Sony X3000 Battery is Discharging While the Camera is Off — How to Fix?


The Question

Why is my Sony FDR-X3000 (R) discharging so fast despite being powered off? I have never noticed this before. Everything was fine and the battery seems to be okay. But some day it started discharging rapidly.

The Answer

Of course, every battery degrades as it ages and the more charging cycles it survived the lower its health is. But when it comes to Sony X3000 or other models of Sony action cameras you should also check if Bluetooth is disabled in camera settings.

The thing is that Sony action cams and X3000 in particular use Bluetooth connection for the remote power on/off feature. This means that the camera keeps Bluetooth enabled even after you turn it off by pressing the power key.

The best option is to activate the airplane mode on camera when you don’t need its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules (if you are not currently using neither a remote control unit nor a smartphone to control your camera remotely).

To activate the Airplane mode and disable all wireless modules of Sony X3000 at once, follow the steps:

  1. Power on the camera.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Press the arrow down key 3 times to highlight the Camera Settings: X3000 Camera Settings
  4. Now press the REC/ENTER button at the top of the unit to dive into the section.
  5. Here press the Arrow Down key once to highlight the Airplane mode.
  6. Use the REC/ENTER button to enter the Airplane settings: AirPlane Mode Sony X3000
  7. Select ON using arrow keys.
  8. And finally activate the Airplane mode with the REC/ENTER button: enable AirPlane Mode on Sony X3000

You can disable Bluetooth on Sony X3000 using almost the same steps. Just dive into Bluetooth instead of Airplane mode and set it to OFF:

Turn Off Bluetooth on Sony X3000

If somethings is unclear, feel free to ask questions in the comments. We’d also love to hear about your experience with Sony FDR-X3000 as well as your own tips and tricks. Thank you!

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