How to open Settings in Windows 10 (different ways)

Settings is a new interface that is about to replace the old Control Panel in the nearest future. In this article we will collect all possible methods to open Settings in Windows 10 – from easy to complicated ones. In different situations you may need to use one of them. settings-win10logo

1. From Taskbar (available since Anniversary Update)

Right-click the Taskbar and select Settings:

settings windows 10 anniversary update

2. From Start menu

Click on the Start.
Select Settings:


3. Using Win+I hot key


4. From Action Center

Click on Action Center icon.
Click on All settings quick action button:



5. From This PC

Click on File.
Click Open Settings:


6. Open a definite setting app directly using the Run Dialogue

You actions should be like the following:

Press Win+R,
Type for example ms-settings:windowsupdate to go directly to the Updates Center.


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