How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Ace

People use screenshots very often. They serve to save some important information displayed on the screen. Sometimes we take it not to forget something, another time it can be used as an evidence. For instance, you can send the screenshot of an error to the developer of some app for them to better deal with it and finally release a fix. Here is how to take screenshots on Galaxy devices.

Ace 4 SM-G313 (318)

Press Power and Home at the same time and hold them for a couple of seconds until you hear the sound and feel a vibration:

Samsung Galaxy Ace III GT-S7270


Here some peculiarities: Hold Home button (like a shift) and press Power shortly:

Samsung Galaxy Ace II GT-i8160


Press Home and Back:

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

Where are the screenshots stored?

Galaxy Ace III, IV:

Device storage\Pictures\Screenshots

Galaxy Ace II:


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