How to roll back Windows 10 to the previous state using a restore point

Here is how to rollback Windows 10 to the state it was is before using a previously created restore point.

This may be very helpful in case if want to undo certain system changes that are causing issues. For instance, you can roll back your Windows 10 to the previous state after installing a faulty driver or update that makes OS work unstable.

But note, that you need to do two things before you will be able to roll your system back: enable the system protection (yes, it is disabled by default which is weird) and create a restore point in advance, when your system works fine.

How to roll back Windows 10 to the previous state using a restore point

Step 1. Go to “System”

  • The easiest way to do it is to press Win+Break.
  • Another way is right-click “This Computer” and select “Properties”:
    this pc system

Step 2. Click “System protection”

system protection in Windows 10

Step 3. Click “System Restore”

system restore in windows 10

Step 4. Select “Choose a different restore point” and click “Next” :

restore system files and settings in Windows 10

Step 5. Choose desired restore point paying attention to date and time of its creation. Then click “Next” :

restore your computer to the state it was in

Step 6. Click “Finish” to confirm your restore point:

restore your system using selected restore point

Step 7. Click “Yes” to start rolling back:

confirm system restore in Windows 10

Wait… You PC is about to reboot soon:

preparing to restore your system

Wait while your Windows files and settings are being rolled back:

please wait system restore is initializing

In a few minutes you should see the following message “System Restore completed successfully. The system has been restored to date time. Your documents have not been affected”.

You can click “Close” and start using your PC in a well-working condition:

system restore completed successfully

We hope, this guide helped you master this useful feature. Please, share your feedback in the comments!

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