How to Activate Power Button Ends Call on Huawei P40, P30

In this guide we will explain how to configure your Huawei phone to end call by pressing the Power button. This option works on P20 Pro, P20 lite, Nova 3i, P9 and any other phone running EMUI. 

You can configure your Huawei phone to end the phone call by pressing the Power button. However, this option is deactivated by default because the manufacturer wants its phone to be as predictable and as intuitively easy to use for the customer as possible.

The thing is that the majority of people who are not geeks won’t be happy if their gadget would do something different than turning the screen on and off when they press the power button.  

Why You Might Want to Enable “Power button ends call” or Leave It Disabled

Why toggle it on? Because it is simply convenient. You may end call much quicker with your thumb without looking at screen, waiting for it to turn on after you put the phone aside from your ear and aiming at that red handset icon.

Why leave the “Power button Ends Call” option disabled? If you try to take a screenshot using Power button + Volume Down during the call it will end your call. So if you can’t live without constantly saving screenshots during the conversation using the key combination you may dislike the option. Personally I always activate the feature on all my phones. And if I need to take a screenshot during the active call I use three finger down gesture that won’t end it. Here is how you can activate it.

How to Activate the Option “Power Button Ends Call” on Huawei EMUI

I will show you screenshots from my Huawei Nova 3i running EMUI 8.2 (Android 8.1). Follow the steps:

  1. Open the Settings app: Settings Huawei EMUI 8.2
  2. Scroll down almost to the bottom and select Smart assistanceSmart assistance Settings Huawei
  3. Here tap AccessibilityAccessibility Settings Huawei
  4. And finally toggle on the option Power button ends call:  Power button ends call Huawei

That’s all. Now your Huawei phone will end a call as soon as you press the Power button.
P.S. Remember what I said about taking screenshots – swipe down from the top with three fingers!

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