PIN is NOT working in safe mode on Windows 10

Windows 10 users often use Safe Mode to resolve various issues with Windows related to booting, bluescreens, malware, etc. But it happens that users encounter the following notification in Safe Mode while trying to log in to user account:

Important note fo Windows 8/8.1/10 users:
Your Windows «PASSWORD» is required! (PIN is NOT working in safe mode)
Quit Immediately if you lost or don’t know it!

In this post let us discuss what to do if you see Your Windows Password is required, you are sure you type a correct password but cannot log in to your Account in Safe Mode.

Several people on the Internet report nearly the same story. Someday user changed password for Microsoft Account. Several weeks later he encountered an issue and decided to solve it using the Safe Mode. When he saw Your Windows «PASSWORD» is required! (PIN is NOT working in safe mode) he typed his actual password but the system did not recognize it!

As most people report, Windows 10 is likely to know only old password that has been changed rather long time ago. Thus, to be able to log into the Safe Mode you have to recollect the old password for your Microfot Account. Because the actual password doesn’t match and PIN doesn’t work. Such a fun.

Have you encountered the issue? Please, share your experience in the comments.

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