How to Turn Off Repeated Alerts for Unread Messages on iPhone

unread message iPhone iOS 12

Repeated message notification can be a rather useful thing if you like it and actually want this repeated alert to sound. It is activated by default on all iPhones. What is it handy for? Perhaps, you receive an SMS while you are talking to somebody. And five minutes later you farewell to a person and forget about that text message. But there can be an important information in it and you may miss it.  Continue reading

Allow Incoming Ping (Echo Request) Without Disabling Windows 10 Firewall

remote computer ping response

Echo request (a.k.a. ICMP packets or ping) serves to discover whether or not the network device is present on the network (LAN or WAN). It can be used to ping computers, laptops, servers (including website hosting ones), network printers, routers, etc. However, the ping response should be enabled in advance for the network device to be able to reply. Otherwise, you will get Request timed out instead of response.

Unfortunately the majority of users go and disable Windows Firewall when they want to allow ICMP response to have Ping command working. They forget about the fact that the Firewall protects their PC from hack and malware and it is a must when working in public networks. Here is how to do the right way.  Continue reading

How to Send a File via BlueTooth to Google Pixel Running Android 9

No nearby Bluetooth devices found

Today I will explain what you need to do to successfully receive a file over Bluetooth on your Google Pixel running Android 9. The things are not so easy with this and some peculiarities that make inexperienced users stuck. Many people ask “Why cannot I send file to Pixel? I see No nearby Bluetooth devices found despite I turned on Bluetooth on my Pixel!” In Android 9 the steps differ from such in Android 7, so you should definitely read this article not to be surprised later. Frankly speaking, Google made the procedure too complicated for inexperienced users. And now phones by Google cannot receive incoming files from unauthorized devices. They just wanted to make the Bluetooth communication more secure.  Continue reading

How to Quickly View App Info on Android 9

App info is actually app’s properties where you can view its version, find out how much memory it consumes, modify its permissions, clear its cache, delete all its data, move it to the external SD card (if possible), etc How you can view app info on Android 9. We will show how it looks on our Google Pixel. Continue reading

How To Remove Your Sync Passphrase From Google Chrome

Some time ago we wrote about Sync Passphrase in Google Chrome. By the way, we strongly recommend that you set it up and use to provide extra-protection for your personal web data such as passwords for websites, banking credentials, bookmarks and surfing history. But in some cases you may need to disable the Sync Passphrase. For instance, if you forgot it or just want stop using because you believe your password from the Google account is very strong. And here is how to remove it on Windows 10 PC, Android device or iPhone/iPad.  Continue reading