Disk D: is not accessible. Access is denied on Windows 10 – Fix the Error

disk drive D is not accessible. Access is denied. Location is not available

In this article I will explain what you can do to gain access back to your HDD or SSD disk if you see D: is not accessible. Access is denied in Windows 10. There can actually be any other drive letter instead of D:. Besides the error itself you can notice that your Windows OS is not able even to count the free and used diskspace if open This PC in the Explorer.

You can face the issue if you connect an SSD or HDD from another PC or because someone incorrectly modified access rights in the disk Security options. The error happens when NTFS restrictions of a certain disk or partition do not allow you and even system access it.

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How to Enter the Recovery Mode on Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e

In this guide you will learn to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e into recovery mode and wipe cache or factory reset your phone. Based on my experience I can say that you should reset your Galaxy once a year to get rid of glitches and also after you upgrade Android OS to the latest version if you don’t want to face the battery drain issue on Android 9 Pie with One UI 1.1.

I advise you to remember the key combination to boot your Galaxy S10 into Recovery Mode because you might not be able to use Google in case if your Android phone is bricked or faced a bootloop.

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How to Enable Three-Finger Gesture to Take Screenshot on Huawei

I enjoy Huawei’s EMui very much! One of my favorite features in this UI is gestures. In particular, it is very handy to take a screenshots using three-finger gesture instead of pressing and holding some key combination. And when your phone has 6-inch screen it is especially important. In this guide I will show how to enable the feature on Huawei phones like P20/Pro/Lite, Mate 20/Pro/Lite, Nova 3/3i, Honor View series, etc.

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How to Rotate 4K 60 FPS Video Recorded by Galaxy S10, S9 in Adobe Premiere

Rotate Vertical Video S9 Adobe Premiere

In this step-by-step guide I will explain how to rotate 4K 60 FPS video recorded by Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 or Note 9 in Adobe Premiere and save it without quality loss.

Why Rotate Videos Recorded by Galaxy S10, S9, Note9?

As you might know, Galaxy S9 can record 4K 60 FPS video at about 70 Mbps bit rate. It’s quality is outstanding. But from time to time the nasty surprise happens. When you start watching your video clip it turns out that the video clips are sideways. They are still in great quality 4K 60 FPS, but it’s impossible to watch them comfortably.

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Stuttering Sound in Adobe Premiere [AORUS Pro, Intel UHD 630, Core i7 9700k]

DVMT Pre-Allocated DVMT Total Gfx Mem Max

The Problem with Sound on my Desktop Computer

When I purchased my new desktop PC that consisted of Z390 AORUS PRO motherboard, Core i7 9700k CPU and 32 GB HyperX Fury I faced the problem with sound when I began editing videos in Adobe Premiere on Windows 10 Pro. I placed a video clip on the timeline, cut some scenes, applied some basic transition effects and clicked “Play” to preview the edited part. And I immediately heard that the sound was trembling, cracking and stuttering. I was frustrated to face such an issue on my brand new PC with high-quality and expensive components. But in my case the solution turned out to be simple – “option 2” of this tutorial helped me fix the problem.

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Delete A Single Caller from Recent Calls Log on Android

delete a single call record from recent call list on Android

In one of our previous tutorials we explained how to clear the whole call history. But sometimes you may want to delete a single caller from the recent calls list but you don’t want to clear the whole log. For instance, you wish to remove the phone number you’ve dialed by mistake because you don’t want to redial it once again. It is obvious that you won’t add it to your contacts with a name “Stranger. Don’t call” 🙂 That’s why you need to remove it from your Recents. In this guide you will find how to delete a single call record from the Recent Calls log on various phones with different Android versions and UI skins: Pixel, Galaxy, Huawei/Honor, Xiaomi/Redmi and Meizu.

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