“No Service” on Samsung Galaxy S10 & S20 – How to Fix LTE Connectivity Issue

Here is all we know about “No Service” notification and LTE data connectivity problem on Galaxy S10/S10 Plus at the moment.

I face the “No Service” error every single day and Galaxy S10 won’t detect the network until I manually reboot it. I mean, I can’t neither make a call nor can’t receive a call until I restart it.

What We Know About No Service and LTE Connectivity Issues on Galaxy S20, S10, S10+

Real Case #1

The first thing I can tell you is that I own a Galaxy S10 or S20 phone and I haven’t faced the same issues.

I also have two friends who suffer from the problem with their Galaxy S10 and S10.

Real Case #2

One my friend reported that he visited the office of his mobile operator and replaced the nano Sim card and since that time the problem has gone.

But I at the same time have read about a lot of cases when the replacement of the SIM card did not help at all.

Real Case #3

Another my friend told me the following “After being a proud owner of Galaxy S10 for 3 days I was already fed up with being offline and missing important calls. So I went to the store and asked them to replace the phone.

They agreed and in an hour I had an exact same brand new Galaxy S10. And you know what? It has been working absolutely flawlessly for a month now. A

nd, by the way, problems of overheating and battery drain have gone as well.” Consequently, we can conclude that the defective piece of hardware can be the culprit.

Extra Information

Folks on Internet forums speak about the workaround that suggests to disable Band 41 in LTE engineer settings. But most people say it doesn’t help at all.

The Conclusion

  1. Try to replace your SIM card.
  2. Then ask to replace your phone.
  3. If no result, apply for refund or wait for a fix.
  4. Try switching your Galaxy S10 to 3G mode (we don’t have any information about whether it helps or not).

Please, tell us in the comments what you know about the problem.

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