Cannot Change the Screen Sleep in Huawei Settings – How to Adjust the Sleep Timeout?

It annoys me when the screen suddenly turns off or becomes darker while reading. Therefore, I always increase the screen backlight time (sleep timeout), usually choosing 2 minutes. This timeout is the most comfortable for me, so that the screen does not turn off when it is not awaited.screen timeout

In this step-by step guide I will explain how to change (increase or decrease) the sleep timeout of the screen on Huawei P30, Mate or any other modern Huawei phone that runs Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9 on top of it. Besides that you will understand why the “Sleep” setting is greyed out (just unclickable) and you cannot change the screen timeout. The solution is actually easy.

cant change screen sleep timeout in huawei display settings

How to change the Screen Timeout on Huawei Phone

  • Head to Settings: How to open Settings on Huawei EMUI
  • Tap on the Display section.
  • Here tap on SleepDislpay Sleep in Huawei Settings EMUI 9
  • Specify the time interval after which the screen will turn off automatically if you don’t use your phone. In my example I select 2 minutes of inactivity: select sleep timeout Huawei

You can return and adjust the screen sleep timeout at any time. 

What to do if the Sleep setting is greyed out and cannot be changed?

Sleep settings greyed out Huawei

The answer is easy as I told you. The thing is that you currently have the battery saving activated. And logically you should disable the power saving feature to unblock the Sleep setting.

Go to Settings > Battery and deactivate the Power saving mode:

Disable power saving mode Huawei

Once you’ve done it, you will be able to adjust the timeout duration – make it shorter or longer to your taste.

Please, share this guide if you find it useful. Good luck!


  1. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhh for details post with screenshot

    You are Lovely person to sharing knowledge help us

  2. I feel foolish… But hey, thanks for sharing this, I’ve struggled with the 30 second screen time out forever! You’re a life saver!

  3. Thanks first. Power Saving Mode on is only for 30 seconds. If you need phone sleep after more than 30 seconds you have to keep Power Saving Mode always off.

  4. Just what I needed to know about turning off the battery saving mode and then being able to change the sleep mode. Thank you

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