How to Delete a YouTube Channel in 2019

Since Google has closed Google Plus, the process of removing a YouTube channel has changed. In this step-by-step guide we will explain you how you can delete your YouTube channel in 2019.

Be advised that all your videos from the channel will be permanently deleted from the Internet.

Sometimes people happen to create several channels with similar names and after some time they want to delete the duplicate. But sometimes, users wish to get rid of all their channels at once.

Theoretically, you may want to delete your YouTube channel if you think that all the videos that are published on it can no longer be of interest to your subscribers or other people on the Internet, for example, because they are no more relevant.

Follow the steps to Delete a YouTube Channel in 2019:

  • Go to in your browser. We recommend to use Google Chrome for this purpose.
  • Ensure that you are logged in to your account.
  • Click on your account picture, then select Switch account:YouTube Switch account
  • Select the right channel – exactly the one you want to delete: select one of your YouTube channels
  • Click on the account avatar again and select Settings: YouTube channel settings
  • In the left pane select Advanced settings: YouTube advanced settings
  • Scroll down to the very bottom and click the Delete button: DELETE CHANNEL YouTube 2019
  • Log in to your Google Account: Enter password for your Google Account
  • Set the checkbox to agree.
  • Click on DELETE MY CONTENT: permanently delete YouTube channel
  • Enter your channel name or your email address depending on what you are asked to type on this step.
  • And finally click on DELETE MY CONTENTconfirm deleting YouTube channel 2019Ultimately you should be the following words “is being deleted” Your content is being deleted - YouTube channel removal

How to Delete a YouTube Channel – Video Guide

That’s it! If you have something to add, please, feel free to post a comment below. Good luck!

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