No-IP dynamic DNS: How to register a hostname and use it on your router

Almost all routers allow to assign a fixed hostname and domain name to a dynamic Internet IP address. After that you would be able to access the router remotely from anywhere. Here is how to create a free hostname at No-IP and set it up on your router. 

How to create a free hostname at No-IP

STEP 1. Go to the official website of No-IP:

STEP 2. Register.

Enter your email, create login, password and press Create My Free Account:

create no-ip account

STEP 3. Check your mailbox and verify your account:

activate no-ip account
Click on Activate Account

STEP 4. Click on Create a Hostname Now:

no-ip: create a hostname

STEP 5. Register a hostname

Select one of free domain zones.
Pick up a name.
Click Add hostname:

no-ip: add a hostname

Note! If you want to change these settings, for example add or delete a hostname, click on My Account

my account

… and then click on Dynamic DNS:

Dynamic DNS

How to bind No-IP hostname to your router

Go to your router’s web interface and set up dynamic DNS using your newly created account and a domain name:

Dynamic DNS settings on router TP-Link

The only thing left to do is to check everything.

Launch command prompt.
Delete the DNS cache using ipconfig /flushdns command:

clear DNS cache

Ping your hostname:

noip test dynamic DNS
Test your No-IP host

If the DNS server does not resolve the IP correctly wait for a minute, delete DNS cache once more and check again (see the image above).

You may want to read how to access your router remotely.

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