Low Disk Space After Installing Windows Updates. How to Fix?

You can face the problem of low disk space on the system drive after you have installed the next update for Windows 10. Here is how to clean up your SSD storage to free up some space.

Method 1. Clean up system files and save space

Click on Clean up system files in the system disk’s properties (See the details in our guide):


Method 2. Free up some space after the installation of a Windows Update using the Settings app

Open Settings:

free up disk space - settings

Go to System Storage.
Click on your system disk (in most cases “C:”):

settings - storage

Click on Temporary files:

click on temporary files

Check Previous version of Windows.
Click on Remove files:

free up some disk space after installing anniversary update

Storage Recommendations

We recommend to use at least 150 GB for your system partition. Otherwise you will keep facing the same problems after each update. The thing is that you cannot install the upgrade directly from the Internet. You need some space to download it first and that you need storage to deploy the update. So, it’s reasonable to buy at least 256 GB SSD drives in 2020.

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