How to force Android to use only GPS to estimate the location

As you probably know Android operating system is very smart to locate you. It uses GPS, nearby Wi-Fi networks and mobile data for location purposes. But it is not always clear which method it uses right now to locate your device. So you may want to force your Android device to use GPS only to estimate your location to test the work of the GPS module in your device (define its accuracy and sensitivity) or to find out which positioning method works better in a particular area. And here is how to do this.

How to force Android phone or tablet to use only GPS to estimate your location

Step 1. Go to Settings → More

Step 2. Turn on Location by tapping on the switch.

Step 3. Tap on the word Location to enter its settings:

gps only positioning location

Step 4.  Tap on Mode:

gps only positioning mode

Step 5. Select GPS only:

uses gps to estimate your location

Now you can judge how accurate the location is when your Android estimates it using only the GPS module.

Unfortunately this setting can be reset to default after you turn off Location in Samsung Galaxy devices.

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