Facebook can’t be installed. Error code: -504 on Android. How to fix?

Trying to install Facebook app for Android many users encounter the following error:

Cant't install app
"Facebook" can't be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -504)

Here you can find the solution that worked for us.


1. Go to Settings ? My device tab ? Language and input:


Tap Language and change the system language. We switched to German:


2. Go to Play Store and retry to install the Facebook app for Android.



And in a few seconds the app is installed. We see ‘Installiert’:


Run the Facebook app and use it!

By the way, now you can switch back to your language. Most likely the Facebook app would work with English.

2 thoughts on “Facebook can’t be installed. Error code: -504 on Android. How to fix?”

  1. So I spent 6 hrs trying to reinstall Facebook on a Tab 4 andriod 5.1, the main issue was not updating, make a long story short after factory reset was still not downloading from google play store, so I restarted tablet when downloading it and it installed, same thing with messager wasn’t downloading so while downloading restarted tablet and install , hope this helps


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