Connect To A Hidden Wi-Fi Network On Windows 10, Android and iOS

The ultimate step-by-step guide on how to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network (hotspot that is not broadcasting its SSID) on Windows 10 desktop or laptop, phone or tablet with Android 8, 9, 10, iPhone or iPad (iOS 11, 12, 13)

As you probably know, you can hide your Wi-Fi network name in the settings of your wireless router (or access point) to improve security of your hotspot. After you hide SSID, everyone will first need to enter the correct SSID and only then – a valid security key to connect to your wireless network. And here is how to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network that doesn’t broadcast its name.
Hidden Wi-Fi Network

Connect To A Hidden Wi-Fi Network From Windows 10 PC

Screenshots taken from a laptop running Windows 10 Pro Creators Update

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray of the taskbar. You will observe “Hidden Network (Secured)” in the list if there is any available nearby.
  2. Click on Hidden Network:hidden network
  3. Click Connect:

    connect button
    Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi hotspot (Secured)
  4. Enter the name for the hotspot (a.k.a. SSID) and click Next:

    type SSID
    First, you must enter the correct SSID to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi
  5. Enter the password (a.k.a. security key) and click Nexttype wi-fi password
  6. Decide whether you would like your PC to be discoverable on the network or not:network access
  7. Now your computer is connected to a hidden Wi-Fi: connected to a hidden network

Quite simple.

Connect To A Hidden Wireless Network From Android

Screenshots taken from Google Pixel running Android 8.0.0 Oreo

  1. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi toggle in Quick Settings of your Android device: Wi-Fi icon quick toggles
  2. Tap “Add network”: add network on Android
  3. On the following screen specify network name, security mode, password and tap Save:specify hidden Wi-Fi credentials
  4. Your Android is now connected to the hidden Wi-Fi:

    connected to the hidden Wi-Fi network

Connect To Wi-Fi With Hidden SSID From iPhone / iPad

Screenshots from iOS 11

  1. Go to “Settings”: iPhone Settings
  2. Select “Wi-Fi”: Wi-Fi Settings iPhone
  3. Ensure Wi-Fi is ON.
  4. Tap “Other”: Wi-Fi other iPhone
  5. Enter the name of the hidden Wi-Fi hotspot in the “Name” field.
  6. Tap “Security”: type the name of the hidden wifi network
  7. Choose the security mode. In most cases it is WPA2.
  8. Tap “Other network”: other hidden wifi network security iPhone
  9. Now specify the security key in the “Password” field.
  10. And finally tap “Join”: security key join hidden wifi iPhone

That’s it!

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