How To Clear App Cache On Android 9, 8, 7, 6

Why Clear Cache Of An App?

Cache is a temporary data designed to make apps work faster and load content more quickly. But in some cases it can make troubles to users. For example, your browser can load an outdated version of a web page while the information on the website has already been updated.

Another issue we wrote about some time ago –  your Contacts app can show obsolete contact info until you purge the contacts storage cache and data to force your device re-sync.

Here is how to clear app cache on Android 9, 8, 7 and 6 on your phone or tablet. We will show you screenshots from Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S9, so you will be able to repeat everything step by step.

How To Clear The App Cache On Stock Android 8, 7 and 6

Let’s begin with the steps you need to perform if you own a device with the stock Android version – Google Nexus, Pixel or Pixel XL.

Follow the steps to clear cache of almost any app:

  1. Open “Settings“: Settings Android 7
  2. Go to “Apps“: android 7 apps
  3. Select the app you want to clear the cache of: Chrome App in Apps
  4. Tap on “Storage“: App Storage
  5. Tap “Clear cache“: clear cache of Chrome app In a few seconds the cache will be cleared:
app cache cleared
App cache has been cleared

That’s it!

Note! If you clear cache you will be able to continue using the app the usual way. But if you go to Storage > Manage space and select Clear all data the app will be reset to default settings and you will need to configure it from a scratch – enter your account credentials, personalize and customize it, etc.

Google Devices Running Stock Android 9 Pie

On Stock Android 9 Pie things are nearly the same except some minor changes. You need to go to:

  • SettingsSettings Android 9
  • Select Apps & notificationsApps & notifications Android 9
  • Select the app you need from the recent list or tap See all … appsSee all apps Android 9and select the one you were looking for.
  • Now select Storageapp info storage Android 9
  • And finally tap on Clear cacheclear app cache Android 9

Clear App Cache on Samsung Galaxy Phones (Android 8)

Here is how to do the same on Galaxy S9 running Oreo.

  • Head to SettingsSettings Icon Samsung Galaxy Android 8
  • Select AppsSettings Apps Galaxy Android 8
  • Select the app you need:all apps Galaxy Android 8
  • Now the same steps we did in stock Android: Storage → Clear Cacheclear app cache Android 8 Galaxy S9As soon as Galaxy devices update to Android 9 Pie we will update the guide.

How To Clear The Cache Of All Apps At Once (Android 7)

Warning! On Android you can delete all caches at once in one tap. But… Be aware that you may waste a lot of mobile data afterwards. For instance, if you clear the cache for Google Photos App and then launch it and start viewing pictures, in this case 100% of photos will be downloaded from the cloud at least to create thumbnails. That is why we recommend that you clear cache for a specific app.

But nevertheless here is the guide:

  1. Go to “Settings“: Settings Android 7
  2. Tap on “Storage“: storage android nougat
  3. Wait until “Calculating” disappears and you see the amount of used storage.
  4. Select “Cached data“: storage cached data
  5. Tap “OK” to clear cached data: clear cached data This will clear caches for all apps at once.

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  1. Clear all cache is not possible anymore on Android 8… the option disappeared and you have to clear each one manually – you should update your webpage.


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