Chrome: Updates are Disabled by the Administrator. Fix It Now!

Many users use to manually check for Chrome updates. But in some cases you may face the error telling you that you won’t be able to install a new version of your favorite browser.

How to fix the Updates are disabled by the administrator error in Google Chrome.

How to fix the problem

1. Launch the registry editor (Win+R, regedit, Enter):


2. Find the registry tree


3. Delete the value named Update or UpdateDefault or UpdateAutomate:


4. Press OK to confirm the value deletion:


After you’ve done the steps above, go to Settings > Help >About Chrome browser and re-check for app updates. You should either see either “Google Chrome is up to date” or the new version download progress.

Google Chrome is up to date

Hope, this helped. If not, ask questions and describe your problem in the comments below.

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