How to Check Battery Health on iPhone Without Third-Party Apps

You must have heard that Apple confirmed that they are slowing iPhones’ performance as their batteries lose capacity. And they lose capacity as they age which is normal for every rechargeable battery.

Apple says these (slowing down) measures are undertaken to extend the iPhone’s working time and improve its standby mode. It means that when iOS detect that your battery starts to lose the capacity the iPhone’s peak performance is being deliberately limited by using CPU throttling technology – decreasing processor’s frequency.

And from iOS version 11.3 you are able to check the battery health condition and find out whether your iPhone is capable of working at maximum performance or not. And here is how to view these properties in the Settings without any third-party apps.

For someone, taking care of battery life may sound as a respectable excuse of slowing down iPhones. But not for me. I think, Apple should have added this monitoring tool before the scandal if the company wanted to seem really honest with its customers. Because most people did not understand that the culprit of a lower performance was the old battery.

One way or another, the situation is ultimately beneficial to Apple: the customers pay — the company sells.

Check Battery Health on iPhone

  1. Go to SettingsiPhone Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Battery.
  3. Select Battery health (beta)iPhone battery health
check iPhone battery health

There are two indicators in the Battery health section: Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability 

When your iPhone is brand new Maximum Performance shows 100% and under Peak Performance Capability you can see Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.

How to Disable CPU Throttling on iPhone

If you see the information that the performance management measures have been applied, you can disable CPU throttling by tapping on the Disable link:

how to disable CPU throttling on iPhone
Disable CPU throttling on iPhone

However you must take into account that the throttling measures will be applied again as soon as your iPhone shuts down in an unexpected way.

What If Your Battery Is Not At 100% Capacity

My iPhone 7 has been in use since October 2017 and its battery shows 100% maximum capacity. If your iPhone says that the capacity has decreased you may want to visit the official Apple service and ask to replace the battery unit for $29 as they promised.

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