How to Disable the Pagefile in Windows 10

The paging file (a.k.a pagefile, swap file) is a file located in C:\pagefile.sys. The Windows OS stores files in RAM cause it is the fastest memory in your PC. When the RAM becomes full Windows moves a part of the data to paging file. The same file is also used to store the data of apps you are not using.

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How to speed up Windows 10. The Ultimate Guide

How to speed up Windows 10 and make your PC work faster? The problem of low performance will never disappear. New operating systems emerge, laptops and desktops get old, a lot of malware attacks from the Internet and besides that users are able to slow down their machines by themselves.

There are a lot of factors that are able to affect system performance and stability. And here are our tips on how to speed up Windows 10 on a desktop or a laptop.

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