Can’t Switch to Another Launcher on Xiaomi Phone (MIUI 11, 12)

There are two common methods to switch to another launcher on Xiaomi device and today we will explain what to do if you change the launcher but nothing happens.

It goes without saying that you first need to install at least one third-party launcher. And, by the way, as soon as you open the newly installed home app, it will prompt how to set it by default.

First, set the “Remember my choice” check box and then select the app you wish to switch to.

Poco Launcher Set by Default

But if you already have multiple launchers installed but can’t figure out how to switch to a different one, here is two common methods how to do that.

Method 1 to Change the Default Launcher

  • Go to “Settings”. Xiaomi Settings MIUI 11
  • Scroll down a bit and dive into the “Home Screen” section. MIUI Home Screen settings
  • Tap “Default Launcher”.
  • And select the launcher from those that are currently installed on your Xiaomi phone. Switch Launcher on Xiaomi Phone Method 1

Method 2. How to Switch to Another Launcher (if Method 1 Doesn’t Work)

I noticed a glitch in MIUI 11 on my Redmi Note 5 due to which I could not switch to another launcher. I mean, when I tried to change the default home app by choosing another one, just nothing happened.

Here is how I managed to solve the problem and finally apply Poco Launcher as the default one, so I could finally use it.

  1. Head to “Settings”.
  2. Dive into the “Apps” section. Xiaomi MIUI 11 Apps
  3. Tap on “Manage Apps”. MIUI 11 Manage Apps
  4. Tap the three-dot menu icon and select “Default apps”. MIUI 12 Default Apps
  5. Now tap “Launcher”.
  6. Select the one you want to use. Change Default Launcher Xiaomi MIUI

Once you’ve done this, the phone should immediately switch to another launcher.


I’d be very grateful if you could tell me in the comments whether or not this article helped you to switch between installed launchers on your Xiaomi. Please, don’t forget to specify your phone model and MIUI version. Thank you.

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