Can’t Find the Superfetch Service on Windows 10. Now it is called SysMain

You must have read a lot of articles on the Internet suggesting that you disable the Superfetch service if you have your Windows OS installed on an SSD. A few days ago our reader asked a question “I want to disable the Superfetch service but I can’t find it in the list of services. Where is it?” Well… really, In the latest Windows builds Microsoft decided to change the Display Name from Superfetch to Sysmain. You can disable the service if you like especially if you believe that it is the culprit of high CPU usage. So find SysMain, double-click it, select Disable, click Stop and then click OK:

disable superfetch SysMain Windows 10


  1. Obviously know it’s an issue and smart people disable…so they change the name. Smart people STILL find it and disable. Microsoft the stupid one.

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