How To Boot To Safe Mode on Google Pixel (Pixel XL)

Safe Mode serves to perform a clean boot of your Google Pixel – when only pre-installed apps are loaded. Thus you can troubleshoot different issues, for instance, if your phone is constantly rebooting or freezing you can understand whether it happens because of third-party apps or not. So here is how to boot your Pixel or Pixel XL in the Safe Mode. 

Boot to Safe Mode

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Tap and hold on Power off or Restart (doesn’t matter which one): tap and hold
  3. Tap OK when Reboot to safe mode appears: reboot to safe mode

When the phone boots up you will see “Safe Mode” in the bottom left corner: safe mode on Google Pixel

If you try to launch any third-party app you will get a notification “Downloaded app disabled in Safe Mode”: downloaded app disabled in Safe Mode

Exit Safe Mode and Boot to Normal Mode

Just reboot your Pixel (XL) device: pixel restart

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