How To Upgrade Windows 7 (Or 8.1) To Windows 10 On Virtualbox Virtual Machine

This article is about how to upgrade your Virtualbox virtual machine to Windows 10. The thing is if you just start your VM and begin upgrading you may encounter some errors making the update process stop. Besides that Windows 10 can run too slowly if you leave CPU and RAM settings that are minimal for Windows 7. 

Steps To Upgrade VM To Windows 10

  1. Turn off the virtual machine.
  2. Go to its Settings: Virtual Machine properties
  3. Change Operating System to Windows 10 64-bit: change OS versionIf you don’t and leave Windows 7, you will get the error related to not supported CPU during the upgrade: CPU the CPU isn't supported (NX)
  4. Add some RAM and CPU cores to your machine: increase RAM  add CPU cores
  5. Click OK to save settings.
  6. Start the virtual machine: start virtual machine
  7. Now you can start upgrading your Windows to Windows 10. For instance, you can download and run Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant follow the steps: start upgrade

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