SplenDO: to do list with reminder for Android

What is SplenDO

SplenDO is a perfect to-do list app developed by Splend Apps. It is very convenient for managing all your tasks: you can create separate task lists and set up reminders for each task. The great advantage is that you can customize a lot of settings to your taste.

How to use SplenDO to do list

How to create a task

There are several ways to create a task in SplenDO:

1. Tap the “+” icon

This way allows you to assign due date, time and select a list.

2. Quick bar

Use this feature to quickly add a task in one click. In this case you will be able only to give a name to the task. All other options will be set by default. The task will be added to the currently selected list without due date.

splendo create a task

3. Batch Mode

This is the easy way to add several tasks at once to the current list. The thing is you don’t need to tap “New” and “Save” for each task. It can be very useful if you are afraid to forget your ideas while typing tasks.

Tap on “Add in Batch Mode”:

batch mode 1

Type all your tasks in the list and tap on “Save”:

batch mode 2

All your tasks have been added to the list with one tap:

batch mode 3

How to delete a task

There are also several ways to it.

1. Select a task by tapping and holding it and then tap the “Delete” icon:

splendo delete task

2. Tap a task to go to its properties. Then tap the tripple dot icon and select “Delete”:

splendo delete task 2

Task Lists

You can add tasks to different lists (such as “work”, “shopping”) or create your own lists. So you will never have a ridiculous mixture of completely dissimilar tasks like ‘buy milk’ and ‘find a job’ in one list.

splendo task lists

To move a task to another list:

  • Tap on the task.
  • Tap on the “Task List” drop-down menu (or tap the icon on the right to create a new list):
    splendo move to another list 1
  • Select another task list:splendo move to another list 2
  • Tap the Save icon:splendo move to another list 3

How to set up a reminder for a task

If you want to create a reminder, follow these steps:

  • tap on the task to enter its properties.
  • specify the Due date and Time.
  • tap on the Save icon.
    splendo create a reminder
  • Go to Settings and choose when you wish to be notified about the task:
    splendo notifications

You will be reminded about your task on time. You can edit the task, set another time or mark it as finished:

splendo reminder notification

Operating with a group of tasks

Tap and hold on a task to select it. In such a way you can mark several tasks at once to delete them altogether or mark them as finished.

splendo select several tasks

Synchronization with Google

SplenDO supports syncing with Google. If you wish to remove Google Account just go to “Settings” and select “Sync disabled” in “Sync mode”:

splendo remove account

What I turned off

In general, I like default settings of the app. But nevertheless I changed a few of them.

  1. I have removed SplenDO from notification panel (Tap the gear icon and untick the flag “Status bar”)
    status bar 1status bar 2
  2. I have turned off the Day summary function (Tap the tripple dot icon, select “Settings”, set “Day summary” to “Disabled”)
  3. I have disabled the Voice feature, because I don’t want the voice to pronounce the name and the time of my task (Tap the tripple dot icon, select “Settings”, find the “Notifications” area and untick the checkbox named “Voice”)splendo turn off voice and day summary

Install SplenDO

Search for SplenDO by Splend Apps in Google Play Store App


go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.splendapps.splendo

install splendo


  1. This is a really nice and easy to-do list app! Your tips on how to tune it are also great. Thank you for the review!

  2. I wanat to use it on desktop too. Do you have desktop version?
    Please add it. Its very important. And alos Email function. I want to have an option in settings to have the task emaioled to me as a reminder. Thank you so much.

    1. I agree so much! Please make an online version that syncs with the app! This app is amazing, but it would be so much better if I could also access it from my computer

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