Prevent Google Pixel From Turning On The Screen When You Pick Up The Phone

Google Pixel has a nice feature called “lift to check phone” which is activated by default. It allows you to check the notification about apps updates, received emails, missed calls and other stuff as soon as you take phone in your hands (without any tap on the screen or key press). But some people don’t like the feature. They ask questions like “why does my phone turn on the screen randomly?” or “how do I stop my Pixel from waking when I pick it up?” on Internet forums. So here is how to disable “lift to check phone” (a.k.a. “raise to wake”) feature on Google Pixel and Pixel XL under Android 7 and stop your phone from turning on the display when you pick it up or move.
lift to check phone feature on Android 7.1

Disable “Lift to check” and prevent Google Pixel to turn on the screen when you take it

  1. Open SettingsSettings Android 7
  2. Scroll down to the Device section and tap on Movessettings - moves
  3. Disable Lift to check phonedisable life to check phone That’s it. Your Google Pixel won’t light up the screen when you pick it up.

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