Windows 10: Start Button not working. How to fix?

Start button not working – this is a rather popular issue in Windows 10 reported by users on various forums. The problem is very annoying because actually nothing in the Taskbar works properly: programs buttons, Cortana, even the Action Center doesn’t respond when you click its icon. The issue usually emerges after you install updates for Windows 10. But it can also happen by itself – without any visible reasons. Here is how to fix not working Start button, Taskbar and Action Center in Windows 10. We will talk about the 3 methods to solve the problem. The first one is very easy and works in 95% of cases. Besides that we provide extra solutions.

Windows 10 Start Button not working. The easiest method to fix the issue

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Launch the Task Managerctrl-alt-del-task-manager-windows-10
  3. Go to Details tab.
  4. Find Explorer.exe process.
  5. Right-click on it.
  6. Click End process tree to kill Windows Explorer. The Taskbar will disappear after that: explorer-exe-end-process-tre
  7. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del again
  8. Click the Power icon in right bottom corner of the screen:
  9. Select Restartctrl-alt-del-restart-windows-10

Windows 10 Start Button not working. Two extra methods to fix the issue

You need to roll back your system and then reinstall updates. And here you have two variants.

System restore

  1. Go to System (Hold Windows button and hit Pause/Breake).
  2. Click System protection.
  3. Click System Restore… to check whether you have restore points or not.
  4. If you have restore points select one and roll back your system: restore-your-computer-to-the-state-it-was-in-before-the-selected-event
  5. After system reboots click on Action Center > All settingswindows-10-action-center-all-settings
  6. Select Updates and security and click Check for updatescheck-for-updates
  7. Agree to install all available updates and reboot again. install-all-available-updates-for-windows-10
  8. Reboot your system again by clicking Restart Nowrestart-now-to-install-updates-windows-10There is a high probability that you will have your Start button, Action Center and Taskbar in general working like a charm.

Reset Windows 10

Here is a radical solution. If none of the above helps you may always factory reset your Windows 10 to fix not working Start Button. Follow this guide to revert your OS to the initial state:

16-windows-10-resetAfter the PC reset you need to reinstall updates:


Hopefully you will find the solution to fix not working Start Button, Taskbar and Action Center in your Windows 10.

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