How to assign multiple IP addresses to a single PC

In some situations you may want to specify several IP addresses at once on a single network interface. For example, you can assign addresses from different subnets with different masks. Thus it will be possible to access your PC using any of those addresses.

How to assign multiple IP addresses to network adapter in Windows 10, 8, 7

Right-click the network icon in the Taskbar and click Open Network and Sharing Center:


Double click the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection:


In the status windows press Properties:


Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP\IPv4) in the list and press Properties:


Switch the selector to Use the following IP address.
Manually specify IP, Subnet mask, Default gateway and Preferred DNS server.
Then press Advanced:


Click Add… button:


Specify additional IP addresses with subnet masks and press Add:


Press OK:


Press OK once more:


Press Close:


In such a way you can add a bunch of IP addresses to a single Network Interface Card (NIC) in Windows 10, 8.1 or 7.


    1. I think you have to add 1 each time you want to create a new IP
      For example if your original IP is then your 2nd one should be and so on…
      Hope I helped you (*´ ∀ `*)

      1. You do not seem to grasp the basics of networking and thus I would recommend you do not toy with your IP addresses, this article is meant to add a second IP to your existing network adapter. To be clear, adding an IP address does NOT add functionality to your computer, it’s basically like getting a second PO box at the post office ie: a second address to reach your computer. Unless you want to publish a service (like an intranet site) and keep that service on a separate IP (for reasons) then you do not need a second IP.

  1. I’m finding this useful as I’m keeping my PHP & mySQL skills fresh while bouncing the different servers. I run locally. (XAMPP, WAMP, & Abyss Web Server)

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