How to Restore Default Display on Mi Band 4

What’s the Problem with Display (Theme)?

Mi Fit app suggests changing Band Display layout as a personalization option. But once you change the display theme to a non-default you may start experiencing some problems: Mi Band may stop responding to your swipe and tap gestures, scroll the wrong direction or even may go back to the home screen by itself.

Often users think that Mi Band 4 freezes because it is a glitching piece of tech but the culprit is actually display themes for some reason. But fortunately you can fix these screen responsiveness related problems by reverting to the default screen.

Mi Band 4 on hand

The additional problem is that you can easily assign a new display layout (theme) using the Mi Fit app but you cannot switch back to the default screen theme in that app. But here is how you can do it nonetheless.

How to Fix and Switch Back to the Factory Default Screen Theme on Mi Band 4

Follow the steps on your Mi Band:

  • Tap on the Home button at the bottom of the face to turn on the screen.
  • Head to the More section by swiping up or down on the screen: Mi Band 4 Setting More
  • Scroll down and select the Band Display settings: Band Display Settings Band 4
  • Select one of the default pre-installed display themes.
  • When you select the display theme you like, hold down your finger for one second and than release it: Hold down to Apply Display Theme Mi Band 4
  • You should feel a vibration. It means that the new display theme has been already applied to your Mi Band.

Check the responsiveness of your Mi Band 4. Everything should work just fine!

Wrapping Up

Tell us in the comments whether or not you have faced the same issue on your Mi Band 4, 3 or 2 and if the current guide helped you fix the problem. Thank you and good luck!

22 thoughts on “How to Restore Default Display on Mi Band 4”

  1. Perfect thanks. But I found a bug in the way calories are counted. I did a 30 minute Threadmill Workout and whilst under workout I see that I have burnt 280 calories, under Steps Today during the same 30 minutes, I see another 100 calories burned !! Why is it splitting calories under 2 tabs? Workout Today and Steps Today for the same 30 minutes?

  2. Thx for guide. Works fine. There was no clear information in german language. Regards from cologne

  3. Such a simple solution but I couldn’t figure it out! I wasn’t having glitches but I realized that once I switched faces, no matter which one I picked (even the custom ones), I had a harder time reading the time without my reading glasses. The default setting is the clearest for me. Thank you.

  4. I can’t believe there isn’t an option to do it from the app. Thanks for the guide, it saved me doing a factory reset ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have a xiaomi mi band 5. I had the similar problem – set the custom theme and my band freezed for long time. After a few hours it started working, and freze again. The next time it fixed itself again, i set theme to default, but now it freezes time to time. Its really annoying. I don’t know what to do


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