How To Hide Your Skype Profile From Search And Prevent From Being Found

You can hide your phone, your email, not to show your profile picture in Skype if you wish. But people who are concerned about privacy have long been asking the question on forums: “how can I hide my Skype profile from search?” Today we will explain how you can entirely hide your profile If you don’t want your account to be suggested in the Skype search. And vice versa – how to allow displaying your Skype profile in search results. 

How to prevent your Skype profile to be found in Skype search (hide)

Use Skype app for Android.

  1. Launch the Skype app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture on the top of the screen: skype account android
  3. Go to Settings by tapping the gear iconskype 8 settings
  4. In “My account and settings” select “Privacy“: Skype 8 app Privacy Android
  5. Switch off “Include me in search and suggestions” to hide your profile from the Skype search:
    prevent from being found in search

    Hide Skype profile. People won’t be able to find you in Skype search.

    As the result, nobody will be able to find your Skype profile in the search: no results - profile hidden

How to allow finding your Skype profile (unhide)

You can always switch it on to allow your profile participate in Skype search:

allow to participate in search

Let’s check the result and try to find our Skype account using the desktop app. Now we can find it:

Skype profile present in search

Skype profile present in search

Not difficult at all, as you can see.

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