How to Restore Hyper-V Virtual Machine from VHDX-File in Windows 10 or Server

fix virtual machine not starting Error Applying SCSI controller changes Hyper-V

Today we will explain how to cope with a quite common problem – your Hyper-V virtual machine is not working and you face an error when you try to start it. In my case I faced the following error message:

Error applying SCSI Controller changes
... failed to add resources to [virtual machine]. 
An unexpected error occurred: The specific network resource or device is no longer available. (0x80070037).

From this guide you will know how to recover your VM without reinstalling the operating system on it from a scratch. All you need to have is at least the virtual hard disk file (.vhdx).

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Allow Remote Access to Hyper-V VM from LAN & Internet – Create External Switch

In this article I will explain how to make your Hyper-V virtual machines accessible from non-management host computers or other devices connected to your home of office network (LAN).

For that purpose you need to create an external virtual switch in Hyper-V Manager . And this is the article is actually about.

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Hyper-V: Disable “Do you want to revert to the previous automatic checkpoint”

do you want to revert to the previous automatic checkpoint Hyper-V

In this guide you will learn how to disable the message “Do you want to revert to the previous automatic checkpoint” when you are starting the Hyper-V virtual machine. So, you won’t break your left mouse button clicking on “Continue” each time.

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