All Methods To Open Device Manager In Windows 10

In this tutorial we will describe all possible ways to launch Device Manager in Windows 10. Various methods can be convenient in different situations.

Option 1

  1. Right-click the Start button (or press Win+X).
  2. Select Device Manager: Device Manager in Win-x menu

Option 2

  1. Press WIN (Windows button) on the keyboard: keyboard win key
  2. Start typing “Device Manager”: 
  3. Hit Enter, when you see Device Manager” in the search results: Search Device Manager in Start

Option 3

  1. Press Win + Pause/Break on your keyboard: win+pause-break
  2. Click the Device Manager link on the left: System - Device Manager

Option 4

  1. Press Win+R;
  2. Type devmgmt.msc;
  3. Hit Enter: devmgmt.msc

Option 5

  1. Right-click This PC;
  2. Select Manage: This PC Manage
  3. Click on Device Manager in the left pane: Computer Management Device Manager

I think, that’s enough!

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