Create Control Panel Shortcut On Desktop And Start Menu In Windows 10 Creators Update

Control Panel is a set of deprecated applets serving to control system settings of Windows OS. At the moment, Microsoft gradually kills it and moves all system tuning and personalizing elements to the modern “Settings” app. Thus, since Creators Update Windows 10 doesn’t have a Control Panel link in WinX menu. Today we will show you how to create a Control Panel shortcut on desktop and start menu in Windows 10 Creators Update so that you can instantly access it.

How to add Control Panel shortcut to your desktop

First, open the Control Panel in Windows 10 Creators Update. For this:

  1. Press “Win+R“.
  2. Type “control“.
  3. Hit “Enter“: windows 10 control panel win-r Another option is to press Win+E and select it from the list: access control panel from explorer

Now, drag the icon from the address bar to your desktop:

Control Panel on Desktop of Windows 10 Now you can rename the shortcut if you wish: Control Panel shortcut on Windows 10 Creators Update

Pin Control Panel Tile To Start

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Type “Control“.
  3. Right-click on “Control Panel” in search results.
  4. Click “Pin to Start“: pin control panel tile to start Now you will have such a nice tile: control panel tile in start menu Windows 10

Advice! Get used to modern Settings app, because sooner or later Control Panel will be gone from Windows.

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