TiWorker.exe: CPU usage reaches 50% or 100% in Windows 10| Fix TiWorker issue

What is TiWorker.exe

TiWorker.exe (Windows Modules Installer Worker) is a system component in Microsoft Windows which is responsible for installing new modules and updates. Respectively, the process is able to use your CPU and produce a load on your disk. Usually the CPU usage hovers between 30 and 50% but in some cases TiWorker can load CPU up to 100%. It goes without saying that this will cause bad performance of the system. So let us find out what to do if you encouner high CPU usage by TiWorker.exe process. Here are our tips upon how to fix TiWorker.exe high CPU usage issue in Windows 10.TiWorker.exe high CPU load 50%

How to fix TiWorker high CPU usage issue

If your friend asks “TiWorker.exe is using up to 50% or 100% of the CPU. What can I do?“, let him follow the tips below to envestigate and solve the issue.

Advice 1. Wait!

If you notices the problem for the first time, give TiWorker.exe some time to complete its work. Just close all running apps, leave your PC in idle. Wait for an hour and watch for CPU usage. There is a high probability that TiWorker.exe will complete all its tasks and stop loading the processor.

Advice 2. Reboot

If you have waited for an hour but TiWorker.exe process is still using your CPU, reboot your system. In many cases it calms down after reboot without any extra actions from user.

Advice 3. Search for updates manually

Perform a manual check for updates as we explained here:


If there are any updates available install them and reboot your system. It should be said that this method helps to stop TiWorker.exe using the CPU very often.

Advice 4. Clear Updates Cache

Advice 5. Search for malware and viruses

If the problem persists there is a possibility of the virus infection. Scan your computer using the best utilities and remove all found malware:

Advice 6 (workaround). Turn off updates for Windows 10

If nothing of the above helps to solve the problem and TiWorker.exe is still loading your CPU heavily here is a radical workaround to bring your PC back to working condition. Probably it will be ecpecially useful for old and weak laptops and desktops. All you need to do is stop and disable two services: Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller) and Windows Update (wuauserv):

  • Press Win+R.
  • Type services.msc and hit Enter.
  • Find Windows Modules Installer (TrustedInstaller) and double click it.
  • Select Disabled in Startup type.
  • Click Stop.
  • Click OK.

trustedinstaller disable and stop

Do the same for Windows Update (wuauserv):


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