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How to Reset Google Home to Default Settings

If you have some issues with Google Home or you plan to sell your device you may want to revert its settings to the factory condition. This will erase all your data: settings, preferences and customizations. Here is how to reset your Google Home to the factory defaults. 

There is not dedicated reset button on the Google Home. You should use the Mute button instead. 

  1. Press and hold down the Mute button.
  2. Continue holding it down when Google Assistant warns you about the upcoming device reset.
  3. As soon as indicators make a full circle and you hear a sound you may release the button.
  4. Wait for about two minutes until the reset process finishes. The light indicator should stop changing and finally you should hear the voice notification telling you that you can start configuring your Google Home from a scratch.

Now you have the factory condition of your Google Home. You may start setting it up or sell to anybody.

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