Enable Colored Titles for inactive windows in Windows 10

Earlier we wrote about enabling the colored titles for active windows. From this guide you will learn how to enable color titles for inactive windows. By this moment this feature can be turned on by a registry tweak only. But we hope that sooner or later Microsoft will let users control advanced personalization from the Settings app.

Enable colored title bars for inactive windows in Windows 10

1. Launch the registry editor:


2. Go to the key:


3. Create a new DWORD 32-bit value:


4. Name it AccentColorInactive.

5. Set it to 666666 or cccccc or something like that:


Note! If you specify for example ffff00 you won’t get a yellow color. The thing is that Windows 10 blends colors using an unknown algorithm. But if you specify codes consisting of digits only the color is going to be the one you expect.

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